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Review the processes of e-commerce operation, detect disabled points and correct them.

Focusing on efficiency, modernity and cost reduction.

Some companies have evolved giving focus on processes, according to the chain, and now occupy important positions in the Brazilian ranking. In contrast, some of the operations is deficient, there is little investment in technology, has wrong flows that cause injury or even offer a bad buying experience for an e-consumer.

Innovative companies without source in the physical world are formed by people who can understand the business in the traditional retail and an increase of vision can grow in online retail with new solutions. Shops that make up the physical retail and are not selling the Internet to lose positioning competitors every minute. Certainly, it will cost you dearly in the future to win 1% of the online market a competitor who has neither presence in the physical world.

Set your processes and be faster to make your transaction took place.

Survey of disabled points

Solutions and decision making with a focus on efficiency gains and cost reduction

Implementation of KPI (Key Performance Indicator), training areas and monitoring of goals and outcomes

Closing and review processes