Transparent processes

Return on investment in less time

Extent to face the competitive market

Strategic intelligence

Cost reduction in implementation and management

Improvement of processes

Team training for autonomy gain

Security for decision making

Check out some advantages of hiring a consultancy:

1 – Renovation – the consultancy brings new knowledge and experiences acquired from other clients. This provides an external view, focused on solving the problem you are facing based on the experience of other projects;

2 – Availability – the consultant acts with exclusive dedication within the stipulated term of the contract, while the internal staff is usually full of other tasks and thus is unable to have a direct focus on specific problems;

3 – Neutrality – the consultants are concerned with generating results, without disputes or competition for positions in the company;

4 – Time – the consultant needs to work within the deadlines set for the project agreed between him and his client. This makes everything faster to be clarified and resolved;

5 – Focus – because he is an outsider and does not have the “vices” of the company, the direct diagnosis of problems by the consultant becomes easier and faster;

6 – Scope – consultants work with projects and objectives, which makes the scope clear, facilitating control and ensuring success.

7 – Fearless initiative – internal employees can take into account some emotions because they have longer relationships with other people in the company, and this can hinder difficult decision making. The consultant is more rational, which facilitates these occasions;

8 – Economics – temporary employment with consultants is much cheaper than hiring a specialist, which may become unnecessary after a certain period.

9 – Extra motivation – the consultancy provides an extra impulse, much more focused, so that the changes really happen.

10 – Improvement in company / employee relations – in addition to the manager of each sector, the consultant also shows himself to be a spokesperson for the organization with employees and this already makes it clear to people that the company is concerned with continuous improvement, which of course, it will impact financial results as we have seen before.